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Born in 1969 and raised in the picture perfect seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk a young Junz was heavily influenced by Marvel Comics and Heavy Metal album cover art. Leaving school early he drifted through various jobs before getting a foot in the door with a local game developer as a storyboard/concept artist. Staying in the games industry for the next ten years in various creative roles he then crossed over into 3D modelling and architectural visualisation as well as other graphic design work. However, he often felt his personal style was slightly stifled by the nature of corporate work and so, after a period in the wilderness of self doubt and midlife crisis finally decided to just create art that comes naturally from within.

The artwork of Junz is difficult to describe: stream of consciousness, bio-organic, psychedelic and lowbrow are terms that spring to mind but pigeonholes are for pigeons - it is what it is!

Mr Junz currently resides in the Suffolk coastal town of Kessingland with his daughter, cat and adopted family of classic bass guitars.

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